What is “Storage”?

Storage is having physical places to put things away in order to keep tidy. This can be something as simple as a box for quick tidying or something bigger like a chest of draws which allows you store more things in a more organised way.

Why is this so important?

People often say “The state of your room is the state of your mind” which means by tidying your room, you tidy up your mind freeing up space for your mind to focus on more important things.

How do I manage “Storage”?

Managing storage is all about looking for Simple, Intermediate and Advanced storage ideas to store your stuff neatly and safely. These strategies are all explained in further detail under the tabs above.

What are “Simple Storage Options”?

Simple Storage options are storage items that don’t need any prior assembly to build them, these items are already built and can be used straight away. To help you, I have made a list of simple storage items for you to consider, down below.


The simplest way to organise is to buy boxes. Boxes come in all different sizes so you can store them anywhere. You can even get boxes for specific places such as under your bed.

Plastic Drawers Units

Plastic drawers are already built and come with wheels so they can easily be moved. They can store more stuff in them all in one place which can make them a slightly better option than simply using boxes.

Drawer Organisers

When you look inside drawers, they usually are stuffed with all kinds of stuff and it looks a mess. Drawer Organisers can be fit inside drawers to organise your drawers so that everything inside is easy to spot and is accessible. In fact, I use them to organise my sock draw.

Files and Dividers

You can use Files to organise papers from various places, most notably from school or courses. You can also get file dividers which can be used to split off different categories of paperwork such as different lessons or different bills.


An Ottoman is like a large box but the lid is a cushion which you can sit. You can get an ottoman for quite cheap which you simply unfold, put the bottom part in and put the lid on. This not just simple storage but it’s quite comfortable too.

What are “Intermediate Storage Options”?

Intermediate storage options are storage items that need to first be assembled with tools such as Screwdrivers and Allen (Hex) keys. To help you, I have made a list of intermediate storage items for you to consider, down below, all in order of difficulty.

What if I have never done this before?

Don’t worry, all of these storage items come with easy to follow, picture based instructions and most storage items come with the tools you need anyway. Remember to follow the instructions given to you.

What should I consider doing first?

The first thing you should do when assembling these items is to lay all the parts out first so you can make sure all of the parts have come with the item. The parts should be arranged by number which could be number stickers stuck on them or by how they are numbered in the instructions.

Desk Shelves

Shelves are ideal for storing small things such as books or small collectables. Desk Shelves are small enough to fit on top your desk which means they are easy to assemble. All it requires is just screwing the shelves together, that’s it.


These can be mini tables, coffee tables or even kitchen tables. You can put stuff on them, work/eat at them and store stuff underneath them. Tables usually just need you to screw on the legs, sometimes they may need a few other things but these things better secure the table so it doesn’t fall apart.


A Bookcase is as it says, for storing books. Bookcases are extremely useful as you can store a lot of different things on bookshelves not just books. The great thing about bookcases is that they are designed to allow you change the heights of the shelves at anytime.

TV Stand

A TV Stand is designed for your TV to sit on top of and have shelves to keep your DVD/Blu-Ray player and game consoles tidy. They can also come with draws and mini cabinets to give you more storage options. Some TV Stands require you to make holes at the bottom to screw the legs on which you can do with a bradawl (a screwdriver made for making holes for screws).

Chest of Drawers

A Chest of Drawers can come in different sizes with a different amount of shelves. This means they offer the most choices for storage as they can store so much and take up very little space. It’s important to remember to line up the fittings which allow the drawers to open and close, correctly.

What are “Advanced Storage Options”?

Advanced storage options are storage options that will likely need the use of advanced tools such as a drill and will definitely need someone else to help you put it up. To help you, I have made a list of advanced storage items for you to consider, down below, all in order of difficulty.


Shelves are small pieces of wood that can be fixed to any wall. You can put anything you want on a shelf just don’t overload it as this will break the shelf. The best type of shelves to get are invisible shelves as they have metal plates that fit flat agains the wall and the shelves will fit over them.

Fitting Shelves

The first thing to do to fit a shelf is to find a suitable wall by knocking on them, if the wall makes an echoey sound then this is the perfect wall as it will be the easiest to drill through. From here, you will need to mark out and drill holes into the wall for the shelf, just make sure they are level (use a spirit level).


When it comes to storing clothes, many people use wardrobes. You can hang your clothes on hangers, you can even get a trouser rack for your pants or skirts and even store stuff at the bottom. Due to how big wardrobes are, you will definitely need someone to help you put it up, don’t do it on your own.

Ottoman Bed

Even your bed can be a place for storage, this can be in the form of sliding doors or drawers in the side of the bed but the best option is an ottoman bed. An ottoman bed opens out either from the side or the foot of the bed and allows you store as much stuff as the entire space of the bed.

Putting up an Ottoman Bed

If the bed supplier offers to put the bed up for an extra charge, then it’s best to pay for it as it will save you so much hassle trying to put it up yourself.

What you NEED is more important than what you WANT.

If there is something you want to buy for your house that you won’t use or display, then either don’t buy it or get rid of it. Something with a practical use, such as a lamp or a clock, is far more worth spending money on as it is guaranteed to get used often enough.