You can use this directory to find out about the various services that can further support you as a member of the autism community, whether it is through Education, Health or even Social Support (just to name a few).

Families Anonymous

A World-Wide fellowship of family members and friends affected by another’s abuse of mind-altering substances, or related behavioural problems, who now want to help others by providing mutual support and a forum where experiences and anxieties can be shared.

They hold regular meetings encouraging any affected person to attend so they can learn to adopt an honest and consistent approach towards the addict and bring him/her to realise that he/she needs help to live without drugs.

Sanctuary Family Support

A Liverpool-based parent ran charitable organisation that offers support to substance misusers and their families, helping them to achieve a better quality of life. Started by four parents in 1999 who realised that there was no service like this available to affect families.

They offer a free Confidential Services including advice, support, counselling and training in a space where people can grow and flourish. You can phone them or see them in person.

With You

A Nationwide charity providing free, confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health through support in a way that’s right for them either face to face in their local service or online.

They will work with you to put together a plan to help you change how you think and feel about your alcohol or drug use. This plan provides opportunities to do 1 to 1 support for confidentiality, group support to share experiences, doing a detox or help with going to rehab.

Dragon Occupational Therapy

A private occupational therapy company based in Manchester offering services around the North West and North Wales and remote services across the UK The service can even be done in Welsh. They work with children and adults in all manner of different settings and with a wide range of different conditions aiming to provide an efficient and effective occupational therapy service, responding quickly to client needs to ensure they are provided with the opportunity to meet their potential.

They offer an autism assessment service which is available to children 3 years and over, young people and adults. As part of the assessment they will assess the person’s sensory needs and will call you within 2 days of the assessment to confirm a diagnosis. They will also be able to offer therapy sessions aimed at developing people’s motor skills, sensory needs, confidence and independence skills, social skills and self-esteem.

Manchester Occupational Therapy Services

A private paediatric occupational therapy service based in Manchester, offering services within the North West to provide Occupational Therapy services across schools, home and in their clinic space based in Stockport. They are a passionate and driven team with a broad range of experience who are committed to working with families, schools and other professionals to provide goal focused, holistic care for our clients.

They work closely with autistic people and the family to assess the person’s posture, stamina, transition to new activities, play skills, need for personal space, responses to stimuli, gross and fine motor skills, aggression and social interactions. They will use this information to develop a treatment plan to improve the person’s interactions within their environment.

Aspris Children’s Services

One of the leading providers of specialist education and residential care services in the UK offering expert specialist education for children and young people aged 5 to 25 with a range of conditions and special education needs, including autism and social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties.

Aspris Children's Services offer a broad curriculum, with the choice of both academic and vocational courses in a variety of subjects (up to A-Level standard) whilst also engaging students in independence programmes through therapeutic and supportive and residential environments which help students achieve their academic, independence and social goals, so that they can become successful adults.

Birtenshaw Group

A Liverpool and Bolton based social enterprise business that aims to improve the quality of life of all those they support, so that they may become confident and independent members of the community by provide a range of care, education and therapy services for children and young people with Special Needs such as Autism.

The Birtenshaw Group have a specialist school for people aged 3-19 in both Liverpool and Bolton. They also have a specialist college in Bolton for people aged 16-25. They run children’s homes that can also offer respite care and offer adult supported living that also offers an enrichment day service also in Bolton.

Communication College Doncaster

A national specialist college based in Doncaster providing education and learning opportunities for people with specialist communication needs, including deafness, autism and learning difficulties.

Communication College Doncaster offers a wide range of programmes for students who want to gain job and life related qualifications, gain independence and develop their social skills through various pathways. The work pathway provides a distinctive, industry-focused learning environment for students, whilst the life and living pathways are designed to maximise personal and social development.

West Kirby School and College

A non-maintained (not controlled by Local Authority) special school, ran by charity West Kirby Residential School, catering to children and young people aged 5-19 who have complex special educational needs such as social/communication difficulties such as Autism. They aim to have young people to leave with academic qualifications and developed social, emotional and communication skills.

West Kirby School and College offers each pupil structured, supportive learning through an individualised, innovative curriculum developed with the aspirations and interests of the student at the centre of their education. They offer qualifications all the way up to A-Levels.

The Brain Charity

A Liverpool-based charity who champions neurodiversity and helps anyone affected by a neurological condition along with their carers to pick up the pieces so they can rebuild their lives and achieve their potential through practical help, emotional support, and social activities. Neurodiversity includes autism.

They support anyone based in the UK who has a neurological condition, and their family, friends, and carers too by offering confidence coaching, free counselling, help with finding employment, expert legal advice, social activities and helping carers plan for the future.

Citizens Advice Bureau

A Nationwide independent charity who believes in giving people the knowledge and the confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem so they don’t have to face these problems alone.

They offer quality, confidential advice from an independent and impartial service. This advice is free and can be given online, over the phone or in person at one of their many nationwide hubs. They can give you advice on benefits, work, money debt, housing, consumer rights, law, immigration and health/social care.

n-compass Advocacy Hubs

A charity based in North West England that provides a free, independent, and confidential point of contact for adults who may be having difficulties in having their voices heard and human rights ignored when accessing and or dealing with adult health and social care services.

They provide people with access to advocates. An advocate is a person trained and experienced in all forms of advocacy, who will help people take action to say what they want, uphold their rights, represent their needs and wishes and support them to access the services they need. These advocates work side by side with service users to empower them to get the support and skills they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Estate Planning Solutions

A Nationwide highly qualified estate planning team focused on protecting client assets and wealth that they wish to pass to their loved ones using clear plain English to help you understand the legalities and technicalities associated with protecting your estate (estate is all the possessions/property you own and finances you have such as money in bank accounts and savings accounts).

They will help you make a Will and set up a Trust to ensure your estate can be passed on to those you want to inherit it and ensure that vulnerable beneficiaries (a person with a learning disability such as autism) are able to manage their finance properly and not be financially took advantage of by helping you appoint a Court of Protection Deputy or Lasting Power of Attorney.

[GUIDE] Tips for Surviving the Cost of Living Crisis

If you’ve been feeling the pinch recently, you’re not the only one as things are costing more than they used to. Tom Phillips has created a guide giving you tips on how to survive the cost of living, to help get you through the coming months.

Although this guide is written with pensioners in mind, the majority of information in this guide is ideal to people of any age trying to keep the bills down. It talks about money saving techniques, free trips and getting rid of financial burdens so if you need help to keep the bills down then take look.

NHS Aspergers Team

The NHS’ official Merseyside Aspergers and Autism Support team.

The NHS Aspergers Team offer you either 1 to 1 support or group sessions with Asperger&Autism specialist psychologists. The 1 to 1 sessions can be tailor made based on an initial screening they will invite you too. They also offer a Post-Diagnostic Course which is a 12 week course that gives people a chance to learn about how Aspergers&Autism work and what strategies can be learned to help cope with them.

LFC Foundation

Liverpool Football Club’s official charity who aim to provide accessible and inclusive football sessions to children and adults with any impairment, difficulties or abilities.

LFC Foundation have a scheme called ‘Kicks Inclusion’ which provides free sports activities for children, young people and adults with additional learning, behaviour, physical and sensory needs across Merseyside. There are sessions for kids of different age groups ranging from 5-16 and sessions for those who are 17+.

The M Word

A Nationwide Community Interest Company that helps bridge the gap between Mental Health and Autism through supporting families with assessments, screening and therapy by qualified staff.

The M Word uses Emotional Problem Solving, a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Counselling to empower people to regain control of their life without the use of medication. They also offer an initial screening for Autistic people to help them decide whether it is worth seeing a Clinical Psychologist or use the screening in a child’s EHCP for a future private Clinical Psychologist or the child’s school, to provide the best support possible.

Talk Liverpool

A free Liverpool-based NHS service offering psychological therapies to adults in Liverpool who are feeling depressed or anxious.

Talk Liverpool offer a range of treatment programmes designed to give you the right information and to help you develop the skills you need to overcome your problems such as short courses which run regularly in locations near you or online help which you can use from the convenience of your home.

Wheels for All

A Nationwide community based cycling scheme that enables people to cycle, regardless of their age, ability or cycling experience. They embrace disabled people and people who would otherwise not be able to cycle, through providing fun and friendly activity.

Wheels for All have hubs and centres all over the country where you can either: Ride out in the community from start and finish from one of their cycle hubs, complete with bikes and helmets which you can borrow if needed OR go to one of their centres where you can cycle using specially adapted cycles for every participant, young or old, allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Redbank House

A large, modern and accessible venue based in Manchester that offers access to multi-sensory rooms that all children and adults with disabilities can benefit from using. Some evidence suggests that those with challenging behaviour can improve and may be reduced over a long term period.

These rooms have a range of equipment creating both a calming and interactive atmosphere, where colours flash through the fibre-optic strands along the floor; streams of blue and green simultaneously twinkle through the bubble tubes and the disco ball sparkles whilst room users can enjoy lying on the water beds dreaming away to the sounds of classical music or play in the mirrors creating their very own personal party space with pop music in the background.


A Chester based charity ran by a group of parents of children with additional needs that were frustrated by the lack of appropriate play resources and support locally.  And so, we decided to do something about it by running play sessions in a large centre.

The facilities at their centre include a sensory room, accessible soft play and a range of activities including messy play, art and craft, and role play. These facilities can be accessed by booking a play session . Each play session has limited numbers to ensure that they are calm but still lots of fun.

Aspergers Collective

A Liverpool-based ‘collective’ of service users, carers and professionals who offer a service to help and support adults (18+) who have Asperger Syndrome.

The Aspergers Collective runs a drop in service on the last Friday of every month where people can “drop in” to a warm and welcoming space for service users and carers to access services, participate in activities of interest and to find out more information about what’s available in the local community.

Autism in Motion

A Liverpool-based parent led organisation providing support, advice and guidance for families of children with neurological conditions mainly Autism and ADHD aged between 5-15.

Autism in Motion runs courses, advice sessions and coffee mornings for the parent/carers to attend as well as offering social activities including days out to allow opportunities for parents without confidence or support to attend as part of a group whilst building on the children’s social skills.

Dimensions Autism Friendly

A Nationwide charitable registered society who support people with learning disabilities and autism to have a louder voice, choice and control in their lives who often feel excluded and simply want the same opportunities as other people to enjoy the things in their communities such as cinema, gaming, libraries and museums.

They work with various cinemas, gaming places, libraries and museums to encourage them to provide adjustments including reduced sensory stimulation, increased signage and autism training for staff in order to create thriving environments where everyone is welcome especially those on the autism spectrum. They have compiled all of the autism friendly places they have worked with into a database map that will enable you to find your local autism friendly places.

Ladders of Life

A Liverpool-based social enterprise that supports adults with Autism&ADHD as well as the parents of Autism&ADHD children through a non-threatening, friendly but more importantly confidential service.

Ladders of Life runs group sessions every Thursday were people can talk about their lives with Autism&ADHD and hear from other people with the same conditions. Ladders also do 1 to 1 sessions for those people who feel their problems are too personal for the group or are not yet ready to be in front of that many people.


A Nationwide charity who wants to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and their families now, and fight alongside them for a better future.

They provide services ranging from round-the-clock care to helping someone join in with local leisure activities, providing advice and information on things like employment and education, helping someone to live independently for the first time, and providing various social clubs for those 18+.

Yellow House

A Liverpool-based charity devoted to the social and emotional well-being of young people, providing a safe and sound environment where they can gain self-understanding, confidence and inspiration for the future.

Yellow House runs creative workshops giving young people a chance to explore a broad range of artistic interests to enable them to constantly improve and develop new skills both inside and outside of the arts. Yellow House also run workshops all over the community, tailored to any age range, nationality, or ability level; aiming to help people explore a variety of issues and develop the confidence to discuss, explore and create in response to those issues.

Home from Home Care

A Lincolnshire-based family run group driven by wanting to make a difference to and offer high standards in the care and support of the living needs of those with disabilities.

Home from Home Care offer learning disability care homes with spacious, communal environments for social interaction, balanced with privacy and personal space. Each individual’s en-suite bedroom/personal living space is thoughtfully personalised to reflect their aesthetic, physical needs and to facilitate the delivery of their person focused care and support.

Imagine Independence

A Merseyside/Lancashire-based charity which enables and supports people to live full and independent lives by helping them to become more resilient and overcome the challenges presented by mental health issues and disabilities.

Their dedicated staff team deliver high quality care to residents who need support within their own homes including help with getting up and going to bed, assistance dressing and preparing meals. They also provide peer mentoring services to help people to develop motivation, confidence, life skills, access courses, get voluntary work and help people get to places even by giving travel training (if possible).


The UK’s leading team of support professionals helping adults with diverse and complex needs to live independent, fulfilling and happy lives along with helping them to follow their dreams either from home or in supported living.

Lifeways offer a range of different support options for people living with autism that's designed to meet individual needs by spending time with the adult, their family members and care professionals close to the adult, to gain an understanding of the challenges the person may have already overcome and what they need help to overcome in the future.

Voyage Care

A Nationwide company that provides specialist support for over 3,500 people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries and complex needs. Whether it is support in their own home, supported living accommodation or a registered care home, they will enable people to live as independently as possible: where, how and with whom they choose.

They have a national group of autism experts, including two National Autistic Society (NAS) accredited assessors who will work with you to create your support plan and involve you in choosing your support workers, providing you with specialist staff who understand you and your autism. They are trained in autism awareness and receive extra training by the NAS, so you can rely on them for safe, flexible and personalised support.

Orkid Ideas

A Nationwide project founded by a Mother and her Autistic Son who are driven by their passion to help improve lives with visual supports that work for you, not that make work for you.

Orkid Ideas invented the TomTag, a visual support aid of plastic tags where you place click-on buttons on them which have symbols representing the things that people need to remember such as check-lists or symbols representing visual cues such as emotions or needs that non-verbal people need.


A Nationwide company who works with families and healthcare professionals of individuals with complex needs including learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy and challenging behaviours who may be unsafe in an ordinary room or bed.

Safespaces work with people to design and supply safe rooms, and high-sided beds for the individuals. They will assess and recommend which safe space is right for them whether it be a safe room, a raised bed or a compact space fit for travel use.

Tough Furniture

A Nationwide family run business who work closely with care professionals to understand and cope with a wide spectrum of challenging physical behaviours around furniture such in order to provide furniture-based solutions.

Tough Furniture offers tailor made furniture solutions, such as a TV cabinet which locks the TV into place (so it won’t accidentally fall) or a sturdy wardrobe (for those who are heavy handed), based on what you require. They will manufacture, deliver and install the furniture as part of their design plan. They will also help you reach out to charities and partners to help with funding if you need it.

TTS Group

A Nationwide company who enjoys working together to achieve the aim of giving every child, every day, a reason to love learning by providing thousands of resources that people will need.

TTS Group offer a catalogue system through their website similar to the shop Argos but it is made entirely of resources to help people with disabilities learn ranging from printed books to programmable floor robots.


A Nationwide family company that believe everybody should have fair and equal access to information and that it can be achieved through making this information more visual by use of symbols.

Widgit offer a number of different softwares that enable anyone to create documents or visual cards with Widgit Symbols, a bank of over 20,000 images specifically designed to support written text. These can be printed out for people to use as documents or with various low-tech communication aids such as boards. They can also be used digitally on computers, tablets or other high-tech communication aids.

ADHD Foundation

The UK’s leading neurodiversity charity, offering a strength-based approach where the focus is on what individuals can do whilst acknowledging the challenges associated with their conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome and more.

They support parents, carers and professionals so they can understand and meet the needs of neurodiverse people through their range of webinars, courses and an entire Resource Hub page on their website. They also offer tailored support through a diagnostic screening clinic to help neurodiverse people know which interventions and adaptations are right for them through out their life from childhood into adulthood.

Adult Learning Service Liverpool

A learning service provider whose aim is to deliver, secure and promote accessible, high quality, locally delivered adult learning opportunities for the people of Liverpool.

They offer a range of fantastic learning opportunities through the many functional, vocational, enrichment and ESOL courses they run. If you meet the right criteria, some of the courses are free and if you are a parent you may also qualify for free childcare.

Everton Development Trust

A Liverpool based computer training centre providing support to local people and organisations, helping them to access employment, self-employment, training and education.

They offer the opportunity to learn various computer skills, earn ICT qualifications such as ICDL as well as gain Level 2 English and Maths. All students at EDT are able to study at their own pace choosing what days and times they wish to come in to study. They also have a Business and Enterprise advice service aimed at individuals or groups who have a viable business idea or wish to become self-employed.

Sefton Community Learning Service

A Liverpool based learning service provider who aims to provide high quality adult learning programmes to help people make positive changes, support personal development, access learning opportunities and help communities to thrive. These opportunities are accessible to all Liverpool City Region residents aged 19+.

They offer a range of fantastic learning opportunities through the many different creative, digital, health, education training and functional skills courses they run 3 times a year in autumn, spring and summer. If you meet the right criteria, a lot of these courses are free and some of them can lead to gaining useful employable qualifications such as first aid.

StedyChefs Learning Centre

A Liverpool based cooking school that is all about creating fun and exciting learning activities that are beneficial for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties who have a real passion for cooking and wish to further develop their skills.

The school will help their students with learning basic safety skills within the kitchen, gaining independent living skills through cooking, having knowledge of what is best to eat and how to cook healthily using a variety of methods. They also offer the opportunity to gain a Level 2 Food Hygiene qualification.