To make Dan's Spaghetti Bolognese, you will need:

Serves 4

To make Dan's Spaghetti Bolognese, you will need:

1) Chop the Mushrooms

Take the mushroom and turn it upside down so the stem of the mushroom is sticking upwards. Chop the mushroom into slices working from one side to the other. Repeat the above for each mushroom.

2) Peel the Carrots

First, chop the thickest and thinnest ends of the carrot off. To peel, hold the carrot in your non-dominant hand, take the knife with your dominant hand and place your thumb at one end of the carrot. Now, use your index finger on the back of the blade to drive the knife slowly along the carrot to peel of the carrot's outer skin stopping when you reach your thumb. Rotate the carrot to peel all around the carrot and flip the carrot over to peel the other half. Repeat this with the other carrot.

3) Chop the Carrots

Chop the carrot from side to side into small circular slices. Chop those slices into quarters or eighths.

4) Chop the Onion

Remove the brown skin off the onion and chop it in half. Chop each half from side to side and then chop each of those pieces finely. To chop finely means to chop them as small as possible.

5) Chop the Garlic

Chop the pointed edge of the garlic off and remove the skin. Under the skin are 8 segments, these are called cloves. Take out 2 of these cloves for the meal. Chop each clove from side to side and then chop those pieces up finely.

6) Heat up Frying Pan then put chopped Carrots and Onion in

Spray low calorie cooking spray into a frying pan and put it on a cooker hob on medium heat. When the spray in the pan starts to disappear, the pan is hot enough to cook with. This is when you put the carrots and onion in. Stir and fry them for about 10 minutes so that they soften.

7) Put in Garlic and Minced Beef

After the carrots and onions have softened, put the garlic into the pan and stir the bolognese. After stirring put in the minced beef and stir it until the beef starts to goes brown. This should take about 5 minutes.

8) Put in Mushrooms

After the beef has started to brown, put the mushrooms in and stir the bolognese until the beef has turned fully brown.

9) Put in Beef Stock, Chopped Tomatoes and Season to Taste

With the beef fully browned, it's now time to add in the beef stock which you can make by following the instructions that come with the beef stock and then add in the tin of chopped tomatoes. Now you can begin to season the bolognese to your own tastes by adding in Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and mixed herbs or any other seasoning you choose.

10) Simmer

Leave the pan on its own to cook on a low heat for 30 minutes.

11) Boil Spaghetti

Boil a pan of water with salt in it. When the water is bubbling, put in the spaghetti and spread it around the pan so all of the spaghetti is under the water. Make sure to use a spoon or a fork to avoid burning your fingers.

12) Serve

Drain the spaghetti out of the pan over the sink using a colander and place it on a plate or in a bowl. Then scoop out the bolognese with a spoon and pour it over the spaghetti. From here, feel free to top the spaghetti bolognese with cheese and herbs such as basil or parsley if you want to.

Well Done, You Did It!

You have made Dan's Spaghetti Bolognese. Now grab yourself a fork and dig in!

Well Done, You Did It!

Final Tips

1. Chop you vegetables earlier in the day so when it’s tea time, all you have to do is put everything into the pan. 2. You can save time chopping by buying already chopped vegetables from the supermarket. Preferably in the vegetable section not frozen veg. 3. This meal serves 4 people but if you are cooking for 2 people, then you can half the ingredients used.


Videos made by Harden Family Pictures of Dan and Spaghetti Bolognese taken by Harden Family Cooking Spray picture taken by yackers1 - Beef Stock picture taken by David Pimborough - Worcestershire Sauce picture taken by William - Other pictures taken from Pixabay and Adobe Stock