You can be Autistic and Successful!

Aspie Heroes is dedicated to celebrating everything positive about Autism. From the famous people on the autistic spectrum to success stories in the community, There is no barrier to success.

As someone with Autism, you are always full of doubt and are always beating yourself up when you fail but there is no shame in being on the autistic spectrum, so; as Hans Asperger said “It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential AND Our therapeutic goal must be to teach the person how to bear their difficulties. Not to eliminate them for him, but to train the person to cope with special challenges with special strategies; to make the person aware not that they are ill, but that they are responsible for their lives.”

Aspie Heroes is part of Yellow House ContentMent. Yellow House ContentMent is a program designed to increase awareness of the often overlooked issue of Mental Health and aims to help people cope with these issues.

You are welcome to explore this site to find the heroes and inspiration to reach new heights and realise your dreams.
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"I am different, not less"

Temple Grandin

Animal Scientist & Autism Activist

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