Due to Covid-19, lockdowns have become commonplace. We’re all stuck at home with nothing to do and plenty of time to think - anxiety inbound. How can we cope in times like this? Here are some strategies to help you through the Lockdown:

Maintain a Daily Routine

If you had a routine before lockdown then try to keep it going. This should involve regular eating, sleeping and bathing along with any other important things such as work or chores to maintain your home. If the lockdown has affected your routine, try to make new one that will bring more certainty to the situation and help you cope with the situation.

Don't Neglect your Physical Health

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keep active by doing body exercises (such as push ups) or go for a walk. Another essential part of your health is your hygiene: wash your hands often and make sure you bathe regularly.

Try something New

You may have more time on your hands now so why not take up a new hobby such as reading, art or playing an instrument. Your new hobby should be something that engages your mind but is also something you will enjoy.

Stay Connected

Don’t lose contact with your family and friends when you feel down as talking to people is the best therapy. You can use Facebook Messenger, Facebook Rooms and/or Zoom to host video calls allowing for mass online gatherings not just for loneliness but also for fun and work purposes.

Takeaway Thought

In your mind you could tell yourself that lockdown isn’t forever, it will eventually end and then you can get back to your pre-lockdown life.


All COPING WITH COVID-19 photos are taken from Pixabay OR Unsplash.

It is very important that you get vaccinated for Covid-19 as soon as possible. Mark James Craven, the Founder of Aspie Heroes has recently got his first vaccine and has made a video on the whole experience to help you with any anxiety you may have when getting your vaccine. He will tell how the process works, what it's like to get a vaccine and other important information he has learned from the experience.