Ever find yourself gaming til 3am? Spend more money on worthless items than your bills? Have you turned to alcohol to stop yourself thinking about reality? These are all forms of: Addiction

What is Addiction?

An Addiction is an unhealthy obsession where find yourself losing self-control of your regular life routines because you are focused on something you think is rewarding either physically, mentally or financially but is seriously harmful to your health and wellbeing.

What causes Addiction?

The biggest cause of Addiction in autistic people is finding specific things that we become obsessed with through our natural ability to Hyper-Focus. This is not necessarily a bad thing as many autistic have found great success by using this trait but when we find an Obsessive Interest that causes us to lose complete control of our usual life routines, this interest has become an addiction.

How do I manage Addiction?

How well you can manage Addiction first depends what kind of Addiction you have. There at least 3 types of Addictions (maybe more): Electronic Addictions, Money Addictions and Substance Abuse Addictions with each one being more severe than the last. The latter will certainly require professional help to manage but for now, you can start managing Addiction by using the different strategies below.